About Arukimasu®

Outdoor clothes shall be comfortable, good-looking, durable and preferably not cost a fortune. Aside from that, fast deliveries are also appreciated.

With over 20 years within the fashion industry and design, combined with a bruning interest for outdoor activities and exercise, Arukimasu® is the result of the mix between these two.

It does not matter whether you are going on a challenging hike, a tour on the mountain or a walk in the city. We want our clothes to invite to exercise outdoors activities.

We make functional outdoor clothes and sell these in our web shop . Our clothes are designed in Sweden, but the name Arukimasu is the Japanese word for WALK, which is something we want to encourage you to do.

We strive for our clothes to maintain the highest quality to an affordable prize, and we want everybody to be able to afford being properly dressed when exploring the world. Don’t wait for the adventure to come to you; the adventure is out there waiting for you!

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